1999-2001 FRONT


Here are the Front Side of the Picks.
Please refer to the Back Side as well.

Roar of the Dragon Japan Tour 1999-2000
= incl. Y2K Countdown Show at Osaka Dome.
= incl. United We Stand = 911 Benefit Show.

Top Row

Far Left - Used on Just Push Play Recording Sessions.
2nd and 3rd Picks from Left - Proto Type For Y2K Countdown Show.
- 2nd Pick = Tiger Stripe Clear Pick = ONLY 5-10 MADE. Almost Impossible To Find.
Joe preferred the 3rd Pick to 2nd however issued requests to change the Y2K font to more like Digital, Eventually 4th pick was made and used on stage.

911 Tribute Concert "United We Stand" Date Printing Picks
- 3rd Row 2 of Left - RKF is Miss Print - Should be RFK.

2nd Row from Bottom - 2 of Far Left - PROTOTYPE - Silver Printings (Actual Stage Used is White Printings. )
= Some other colors exists.