Randy NEVER had any Custom Picks through his life. And, This is the VERY same style that Randy loves to use.

He used standard generic Fender 351 Medium Tort Picks with No "R" of Registered Trademark after Fender Logo.

In the 70s, Fender does not have the R on the logo and then Into the 80s, They put R with no circle after the Fender Logo.

Randy must of had a huge stock pile of picks as he was still using the one's without the R. Plus shops still had large amounts of old stock as well.

With or Without "R" would be the Point of the Randy's Pick.

Incidentally, Jake E. Lee loved to use those Fender 351 Heavy Pick with R after Fender Logo.

Tony Iommi used the same Fender Medium picks in 1978 before he started using signature picks.