SHININ’ Joaquin “Claussell” Remix


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Lyrics by MISIA
Music by joy
Remix and New Music Produced by Joaquin “joe” Claussell for Sacred Rhythm Music and Cosmic Art Inc.

Side A
1. Club Love NY Vocal Mix
2. Original Version

Side B
1. Sacred Rhythm Version

Piano: Bennet Pastor
Congas, Timbales and Percussions: jose “Cochise” Claussell (Courtesy of Pearl Drums)
Rhythm Effects: Freddy Bryant
Violin: Christian Howells
Cello: Choi Heunjung Fairbanks
Bass: Chucho Cruz
Guitter: Manabu Hasegawa
Programming and Arrangements: Joaquin “joe” Claussell
Strings Arranged by Joaquin “joe” Claussell
Recorded by Stephen joseph @ Sphere(Nj), Sacred Rhythm Studios and East Side Sounds (NY)
Mixed by Fran Cathcart @ East Side Sounds (NY)
A & R Cordination: Makoto Ki for Okia Int’l lnc.
Arranged by joi
Programming: joi
Keyboards: Hiroshi lihoshi
Guiter: Manabu Hasegawa
Percussions: Pecker
Recorded by Ken Nishi, Shinichi “Yokabai” Dozono @ Rhythmedia Studio (TYO)
Mixed by Masahiro Kawagucci @ UNIVERSOUL Studio (TYO)
Masterd by Yoei Hashimoto @ Aubrite Mastering Studio(TYO)