Agfa enlarging & experimental lenses

Agfa enlarging & experimental lenses


In my first ever photography article about "Agfa enlarger lenses", I'm trying to give an overview of these underappreciated 'ugly ducklings' among their kind, a glimpse into the history, their construction, the many mysteries around their existence and, last but not least, some sample images to show a little bit of what they‘re capable of - at least within my limited abilities… - when put on a modern camera!

You can find it here:

All of this is accompanied by some real testing results by Mark (initiator of the project, that set out to create the most comprehensive database on more than 2000 experimental lenses and - over time - their abilities as taking lenses).

If you're also interested in some of these Agfa lenses, if you find some errors in the article or have some additional information you'd be willing to share - please let me know in the comment section of the article. I really appreciate any feedback and we'll try to add more information as it gets available.