B: Bobby Caldwell


Bobby Caldwell was born in Manhattan, New York on 15 August, 1951. It was generally said to be that his music career was started in 1978 by releasing his self-titled first album featuring his first worldwide hit "What You Won't Do For Love" ranked No.9 on Billboard Pop Chart. However, it should be duly noted that Bobby had released his single record "The House Is Rockin' / When You Awake" in 1976, two years earlier, under the minor label PBR International.
Bobby constantly released his albums; "Cat In The Hat" in 1980 and "Carry on" followed in 1982. His fourth album "August Moon" was released in 1983 only for Japan, later became also available in USA by Sin-Drome Records.
Breaking long absence in mid 80’s, Bobby came back to the music scene in 1989 with the fifth album "Heart of Mine" featuring the his self-cover version of "Heart of Mine" originally performed by Boz Scaggs in 1988 and "Next Time (I Fall)" originally performed by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant ranked No.1 on Billboard Pop Chart in 1986. Since then, Bobby restarted to release his original albums constantly. Bobby gradually changed his musical style into more jazzy one in mid 90's from his unique and sophisticated Adult Contemporary, about which we say it represents AOR music here in Japan. When you listen to the album "Soul Survivor" (1995), you must be upset if you would expect pure AOR/Adult Contemporary Bobby Caldwell because this album had a little standard jazz flavours. Further, Bobby pursued his standard jazz style by the following albums "Blue Condition" (1996) and "Come Rain, Come Shine" (1999). I would mainly show you Bobby Caldwell's Japanese CDs which are either having different tracklisting or including bonus tracks when I compare with its U.S. original versions here.