B: Bill LaBounty

B: Bill LaBounty


Bill LaBounty's first recording work was "Country Morning / Hello Misery" as the member of "Fat Chance" and also released the self-titled album in 1972. Then, LaBounty’s first album "Promised Love" was released in 1975 on 20th Century Records, but no big success. It is interesting that "This Night Won't Last Forever" (b/w "Corporate Rock& Roll) was released as the last single records under 20th Century Records before being released his second album "This Night Won't Last Forever" in 1978 on Curb Records. The title track "This Night Won't Last Forever" was just ranked number 65 on Billboard Pop Chart for 2 weeks, but Michael Johnson also covers the same and Johnson’s version ranked number 19 in 1979.

LaBounty released two more albums, "Rain In My Life" in 1979 and "Bill LaBounty" in 1982 on Curb Records. The highest chart position of the track "Never Gonna Look Back" from the album "Bill LaBounty" was number 110 on Billboard Hot 200 Chart (number 22 on Adult Contemporary Chart). The unsuccessful result in the industry made him behind the music scene, and thus Bill has been known as a songwriter rather than a singer since 1983. His composition works are "Holding Out" by Peter Cetera including the album titled "One More Story"(1988), "No Explanation" by Peter Cetera from the movie soundtrack "Pretty Woman"(1990).

Bill restarted as a singer by releasing the album "The Right Direction" for Japanese AOR/Westcoast market in 1991, and afterwards this album was released also in the United States under Noteworthy Records with 2 bonus tracks which are live recording tracks in Japan. His Curb Records days albums are still very popular among Japanese and European AOR/Westcoast lovers and you can listen to many cover versions of LaBounty's melodies such as "Livin' It Up" by Ricky Peterson.