S: Sherwood Ball

S: Sherwood Ball


Sherwood Ball was one of the most talented singer-songwriters / guitarists whom I met in person in the 90's. To my surprise, Sherwood was very versatile in terms of his songwriting and vocal style, that is to say, sometimes sing like a soul singer, sometimes jazz singer as well as a hard rock singer. You would agree with me when you listen to Sherwood awesome lead vocals for 3 tracks; “Holdin' On To Love”, “One Way To Another” and “Show Me A Magic” from Jay Graydon’s 1993 masterpiece album “Airplay For The Planet”.

Furthermore, I must hereby mention about some of his original songs recorded by other artists such as "Smile For Me" (performed by War from the album"Peace Sign" 1995) and "You Let Me In " (performed by Dan Siegel from the album "Late One Night" 1989), which shown that his first class songwriting talent is full of variety.
Sherwood also sang or announce for many international commercials such as Japan Airlines, Coca Cola, Toyota, Mitsubishi Panther, Bridgestone Tires, Suntory Beer (Route 66) & Suntory Whisky, Nissan Gloria (in Spanish for Japan), Budweiser Beer and many many more, many of which you listened without knowing Sherwood was the man.

In September 1995, Sherwood finally released his own solo debut album "White Light" under the name of Sherwood Ball 'n Chain. Here was then what some people had to say....
Jay Oliver - "This is some of my best work"
Rodney Crowell - "Nobody sings this song like you do..."
Jay Graydon - "Hey man, do you know who I am?"

After releasing “Dreamin' Of Christmas in L.A.” in 1997, Sherwood shifted his main interest towards creating, directing and / or producing short films and / or computer motion graphics, such as "The Osage Tribal Murders" feature length documentary.
In January 2007, the sought-after singer released a melodic album “The Enemy Within” under the name of the band CODE with Anders Rydholm and Ola af Trampe.
Sherwood and I had an opportunity to reunite and enjoyed lunch and excursion in 2008 after he moved to Big Island Hawaii.

Sherwood moved back to L.A. to record the soulful big band CD with the Les Hooper band, but the album release was not in time before he was called to heaven on 15 November, 2015. However, the album was completed by his wife in November 2017.
Rest in Peace, my dear friend.