Only a year later from “I Am Alive” release, Joseph Williams was releasing third solo album "3". Bearing in mind that Joseph had 14 demos as candidates for “I Am Alive” album and 6 songs were used for the album, and the bonus track “Never Let You Go” was supposed to be one of omitted, 7 songs were left as possible candidates for this “3” album. I do not know how many among them were completed for this album, but personally guessing several...
Apart from the above, I was surprised to see the musicians credit on the album because of all the members' name of Toto; Mike Porcaro, David Paich, Steve Porcaro,Steve Lukather and further 2 ex Toto Vocalist, that is, Bobby Kimball and Fergie Frederiksen. That meant all the vocalists of Toto were singing together on the same track! In addition, Jay Graydon , Bill Champlin and Ned Doheny were also supporting Joseph! The sound of this album was more solid than his 2nd solo "I Am Alive" in general, probably because of real drums by Mark T. Williams, compared that only the song “I Am Alive” was with Jeff Porcaro on drums and others were no drums. You also note that Joseph covered his own composition "Man In Me" originally performed by Peter Cetera and also covers Beatles' "In My Life" on this album, which was a live recording in May 96 at The Desperado Tokyo.
Last but not least, I should mention to Joey and Joseph that they were too kind to include me on the special thanks credit of the album! Very honoured.

Release : 25 April, 1997
Label: Kitty Enterprise, Japan (KTCM-1064)

1. I'm Giving Up On You
2. Goin' Home
3. For Your Love
4. Love In The Rear View Mirror
5. One Imperfect Heart
6. Everywhere I Go
7. Top Down Girl
8. She's Gone
9. Love To Spare
10. Man In Me
11. In My Life (live at the Desperado)

Producers: Joey Carbone, Joseph Williams
Co-producer: Mark T. Williams

Joseph Williams: Vocals, Keyboards p

- Musicians -
Guitar: James Harrah, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Ned Doheny, Mark T. Williams
Bass: Michael Porcaro, Tony Franklin, Jennifer Condos, Mark T. Williams
Keyboards: David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Joey Carbone, Paul Gordon, Dennis Matkosky, Mark T. Williams
Drums: Mark T. Williams
Percussion: Mark T. Williams
Back Vocals: Bill Champlin , Ned Doheny , Bobby Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen, Mark T. Williams, Sherwood Ball