Bobby Caldwell


Bobby Caldwell's self-titled debut album was released in 1978. Without doubt, the album must be one of the top AOR albums.
"What You Won't Do For Love" ranked Top 10 single hit in 1979, and thus the album became Double Platinum in USA, and lalso Platinum in Japan, As the result, the self-titled album was changed in some territories when released there as “ What You Won't Do For Love” shown on the front jacket. The US Sin-Drome Records CD version was released as “ What You Won't Do For Love” in late 80’s.

In 2004, we could have proper re-reissue CD with the original artworks paper sleeve jacket, on which you would be aware that "What You Won't Do For Love", the re-released album title was deleted. On this reissued CD includes "Can't Say Goodbye" original LP version as the bonus track. And much more important fact was that the former reissued CD (US Sin-Drome version / Japanese Polydor version) included "Can't Say Goodbye" 45rpm singl version on track 4. In this sense, this is the very first time to have the "Bobby Caldwell" debut album on CD.

Release: 1978
Label: TK Production/CBS Records, USA (TK/CLOUDS 8804)

1. Special To Me
2. My Flame
3. Love Won't Wait
4. Can't Say Goodbye
5. Come To Me
6. What You Won't Do For Love
7. Kalimba Song
8. Take Me Back To Then
9. Down For The Third Time

Bonus track(s) added to the reissued CD version(s):
2004, 2005, 2011,2013 Victor Entertainment, Inc., Japan (VICP-62941 released on 29 December, 2004),
10. Can't Say Goodbye (Analog Version)

Producers: Ann Holloway, Marsha Radcliffe, George "Chocolate" Perry

Bobby Caldwell: Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Synthesizers

- Musicians -
Drums: Ed Greene, Joe Galdo, Harold Seay
Bass: George "Chocolate" Perry, Richie Valesquez
Guitars: Alfons Kettner, Steve Mealy
Keyboards: Benny Latimore
Horns & Strings Arrangement: Mike Lewis