Still Waiting


The second HEAT album titled “Still Waiting” followed in 1981 featuring Jean Marie-Arnold and Ed Whiting on vocals. Due to legal issues combined with record company politics, it was not well promoted and thus HEAT faded out from the LA music scene without delivering their third album to the public.
By the reassessment of HEAT music in mid 1990’s in Japan, this 2nd album was also firstly reissued on CD (COOL 010) with the self-titled debut album by COOL SOUND in 1998.

Release: 1981
Label: MCA (MCA-5182)

1. Still Waiting
2. Follow You Home
3. Take Me There
4. Give It A Chance
5. Don't Waste A Minute
6. Regina
7. Keep On Movin'
8. Solaris

Bonus track(s) added to the reissued CD version(s):
1998 COOL SOUND Inc. Japan (COOL 010 released on 20 July, 1998 / 2015 Vivid Sound Corporation, Japan VSCD3588 released on 4 February, 2015)
9. Still Waiting (Single Edit)
10. Follow You Home (Single Edit)

Producer: Tom Saviano
Executive Producers Charles Koppelman, Gary Klein.

Tom Saviano : Sax, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Jean Marie Arnold: Vocals
Ed Whiting: Vocals

- Musicians -
Guitars: Vinnie Vincent (as Vinny Cusano), Paul Jackson Jr., Thom Rotella, Pat Kelly, John Hunt
Keyboards: Jai Winding, Barnaby Finch, Dave Digs
Drums: Ed Greene, Hugh Morran, James Gadson, Hoover The Groover, Art Rodrigues
Bass: Eddie Watkins Jr., Neil Stubenhaus, Bill Bodine