To be honest, I had not known at all how awesome female singer Lara Fabian was, before listening to this album according to Bruce Gaitsch’s recommendation in 1996. And Rick Alison, the producer of the album, kindly got me this album also with her second album. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Bruce and Rick again.

When I reviewed this album on my old website in 1996, I wrote;
I could say now that She was really one of greatest French-Canadian female vocalists. Lara Fabian sings in French, however it is no problem, only if you would love music. I dare to say that Lara Fabian's "Pure" is much better than any of recent Celine Dion's albums.

Now I revisited, Lara Fabian is one of my favourite singers and love this album. Lara made huge success not only in Quebec, Canada but also in France, Belgium and other EU countries and established her firm status in France then to all over Europe.

Release Date:15 October, 1996
Label : Arpege Musique, Canada (AMCD-905)

1. Tout
2. J'ai zappé
3. La différence
4. Humana
5. Urgent désir
6. Les amoureux de l'an deux mille
7. Ici
8. Alléluia
9. Je t'aime
10. Je t'appartiens
11. Perdere l'amore

Producers: Rick Allison, Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian: Vocals

- Musicians -
Piano and keyboards: Rick Allison, Dave Pickell
Piano: Daniel Seff
Synth Pad: Janey Clewer
Drums and Percussion: Benoit Clément
Bass: Rémy Malo
Guitars: Pierre Dumont Gauthier, Bruce Gaitsch
Percussion: Luc Boivin
Sax: Francois D'Amours
Trumpet: Jocelyn Couture
Violin: Francis Covan
Backing Vocals: Catherine Leveillée, Dominique Faure, Julie Leblanc, Vincent Thoma