Blue Condition


Looking back former solo albums before this Jazz oriented album, Bobby gradually started to pursue more jazzy music from early 90’s. The seventh solo album “Solid Ground” (1991) featured the big band jazz style song “Stuck On You” with gorgeous strings arranged by Randy Waldman, then Mr.Caldwell covered Cole Porter’s standard jazz song “ I Get A Kick Out Of You” on the following album “Where Is Love” in 1993. 1995 “Solid Ground” album gave us to have some relieves to his fan who hoped to have AOR / Westcoast music. However, it seemed that Mr. Caldwell decided to go further towards opposite direction from the expectation of AOR / Westcoast music lovers. The album “Blue Condition” was such greetings from Bobby Caldwell to us. Having said that, it might be good choice for Mr. Caldwell when he considered his presence in the United States. We had bluesy Boz Scaggs and jazzy Bobby Caldwell since mid 90’s....

Release: 10 October, 1996
Label: Sin-Drome Records, USA (SD 8925) / Polydor Records, Japan (POCP-7165)

1. Street Of Dreams
2. You Go To My Head
3. Angel Eyes
4. Don't Worry About Me
5. Beyond The Sea
6. I Concentrate On You
7. All The Way
8. Stuck On You
9. I Get A Kick Out Of You
10. Tomorrow
11. Girl I Dream About
12. Smile

Bonus track(s) added to the reissued CD version(s):
2005 Victor Entertainment Inc., Japan ( VICP-63197 released on 19 October, 2005)
13. What You Won't Do For Love (The New 20th Anniversay Version)

Producer: Bobby Caldwell
Executive Producers: Henry Marx, Randy Waldman, Bobby Caldwell

Bobby Caldwell: Vocals

- Musicians -
Keyboards: Randy Waldman, Mark McMillan
Guitars: Dean Parks, Tim May, Dennis Budimir, Joey Carano
Drums – John Guerin
Bass: John Patitucci, Chuck Domanico, Dave Carpenter, Dave Stone, Stan Sargeant
Drums: John Guerin
Sax: Bonny James, Tom Scott, Dave Boruff, Joel Paskin
Trombone: Alex Iles, April West, Bill Reichenbach (2), Bruce Otto, Gary Bucher, Lew McCreary, Rich Berkeley, Slyde Hyde, Tim Hall
Trumpet: Charlie Davis, Dave Trigg, Doug Meuwsen, Gary Grant, Joe Dyke, Joseph Davis, Les Lepics, Robert O'Donnell, Steve Dillard
Woodwind: Brandon Fields, Bruce Babad, David Boruff, Gene Cipriano, Jimmy Romeo, Joel Peskin, Lee Elderton, Pete Christlieb, Ray Pizzi, Tom Scott
Vibraphone: Emil Richards, Larry Bunker, Pat Burke
Viola: Evan Wilson, Laura Kuennen-Poper, Michael Ramos, Suzanna Giordano
Violin: Alan Grunfeld, Andrea Byers, Barbra Porter, Becky Barr, Bruce Dukov, Charles Everett, Claudia Parducci, Juliann French, Julie Gigante, Kathleen Lenski, Katia Popov, Kenneth Yerke, Kwihee Shamban, Michael Ferril, Natalie Leggett, Razdan Kuyumjian, Robert Brosseau
Cello: Jodi Burnett, Matthew Cooker, Robert L. Adcock