Peter Cetera / You’re The Inspiration - A Collection -


After leaving the Chicago in July 1985, Peter Cerera, ex-lead singer of the band was very successful in his solo career in later half of 1980’s and early 1990’s. It was 1981 when Cetera released his self-titled first solo album before huge commercial success of the band Chicago with the albums 16 & 17 produced by David Foster. Cetera said that his departure from the band Chicago was not amicable and confessed that the reason was not only continuous extensive touring but also band mates disagreement about doing some solo work at the same time with the band activities. In 1986, Cetera released his second solo album"Solitude/Solitaire" featuring "Glory of Love",the theme song for the film “The Karate Kid Part II”, and "The Next Time I Fall", a duet with Amy Grant.
The 1988 third solo album “One More Story" was released with the producer Patrick Leonard. In the first half of 1990’s, Cetera released fourth solo “World Falling Down” in 1992 and fifth solo “One Clear Voice” in 1995. Following the release of the album, Cetera launched his first solo tour.
In May 1997, Cetera’s first best album “You're the Inspiration: A Collection” was released, which features all his duets from over the years, along with three re-recorded songs he had written while a member of Chicago; “If You Leave Me Now", "You're the Inspiration", and "Baby, What a Big Surprise" plus two brand new recordings, "Do You Love Me That Much" and "She Doesn't Need Me Anymore". It should be noted that this collection CD was the first one to feature "After All", his 1989 duet with Cher from the soundtrack of the movie “Chances Are”.

Release Date: 20 May, 1997
Label: River North Records, USA (51416 1250 2)

1. If You Leave Me Now (new version)
2. The Next Time I Fall (with Amy Grant)
3. Do You Love Me That Much
4. Feels Like Heaven
5. You're The Inspiration (new version)
6. I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye) (with Agnetha Faltskog ...formally of ABBA)
7. She Doesn't Need Me Anymore
8. Baby What A Big Surprise (new version)
9. (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight (with Crystal Bernard)
10. After All (with Cher)
11. S.O.S. (with Ronna Reeves)

Producers: Peter Cetera, Dan Huff, Michael Omartian, Andy Hill, Bruce Gaitsch, Mark Bright, Peter Asher, Frank Wolf

Peter Cetera: Vocals

- Musicians -
Drums: Steve Brewster, Chester Thompson, Graham Broad, Paul Liem, John Robinson, Carlos Vega
Percussion: Terry McMillan, Jeff Porcaro, Tal Bergman, David Huff, Paulinho Da Costa
Bass: Mike Brignardello, Jimmy Lee Solas, Pino Palladino, Joe Chemay, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Rhodes, Gary Lunn, Leland Sklar
Guitars: Biff Watson, Dan Huff, Jerry McPherson, Tom Hemby, Andy Hill, Tim Pierce, Bruce Gaitsch, Walt Aldridge, Brent Rowan, Waddy Wachtel, Michael Landau
Keyboards: John Hobbs, Steve Nathan, Michael Omartian, Tim Akers, Andy Hill, Peter Vsttesse, Jeffrey (C.J.) Vanston, Randy Waldman, Tony Harrell, Claude Gaudette, Robbie Buchanan, Jon Gilutin, Pat Coil, Rick Holbrook
Steel Guitars: Paul Franklin
Harmonica: Tommy Morgan
Mandolin: Tom Hemby
Sax: Chris Mostert, David Boruff, Dana Glover
Bells and Whistles: Robbie Buchanan
Violin: Rob Hajacos
Background Vocals: Chris Rodriguez, Gene Miller, Michael Mellett, Marc Beeson, Kenny Cetera, Darlene Koldenhoven, Linda Harmon