Various Artiists / Thoughtscape Sounds '97 Sampler CD 2


Thoughtscape Sounds was surely one of the unforgettable independent labels that contributed to AOR / Westcoast music culture in late 1990’s. The label released the second sampler CD compiling songs from their releases, some tracks were picked up from their then-upcoming releases. In addition, the sampler featured unreleased materials only for this sampler CD; Bill Champlin's "Bad News" and “ We Don't Talk Anymore” performed by King of Hearts. Cy Curnin (The Fixx)’s solo album. “Mayfly” was planned to be released sometime in 1998 then by Thiughtscape Sounds, thus the title track “ Mayfly” and “Day To Day” were on the sampler but the release was shelved until 2005 when the album was finally to be public by Rainman Records, USA. “Coffee At Midnight” and “ This Morning in Amsterdam” by Jeff Larson were taken from his 1997 album “Beggars” (on It Stinks! Records, USA).

Release: 16 December, 1997
Label : Thoughtscape Sounds (TSS-0013)

1. Land of Dreams
2. Mayfly
3. I Married an Angel
4. Coffee At Midnight
5. Celtic Warrior
6. Surprise Yourself
7. Bad News (Previously Unreleased)
8. Lessons Of Love
9. In So Many Words
10. After the Love is Gone (Live)
11. Day To Day
12. Nova
13. Seapray
14. This Morning in Amsterdam
15. We Don't Talk Anymore (Previously Unreleased)
16. Into Your Arms

Main Performers:
Track 1: King of Hearts
Track 2: Cy Curnin
Track 3: Janey Clewer
Track 4: Jeff Larson
Track 5: Stephen Housden
Track 6: Fee Waybill
Track 7: Bill Champlin
Track 8: Broken Voices
Track 9: King Of Hearts
Track 10: Bill Champlin
Track 11: Cy Curnin
Track 12: Bruce Gaitsch
Track 13: Stephen Housden
Track 14: Jeff Larson
Track 15: King of Hearts
Track 16: Broken Voices