Dakota / The Last Standing Man


Bill Kelly and Jerry Hludzik was successful in early 1970’s when they released a single “Timothy" written by Rupert Holmes, which peaked number 17 on Billboard Top 100 chart in 1971. In 1978, they teamed up as the Jerry-Kelly band and released an album with Epic Records.The band changed the name as Dakota and released the first self-titled Dakota album with the track “If It Takes All Night” peaking at number 78 on the Billboard Charts in 1980. In 1984.the second album "Runaway" was released on the MCA/Full Moon label, engineered by Humberto Gatica, and produced by Danny Seraphine. The band stopped performing in 1987, but the 3 remaining members (Kelly, Hludzik and Rick Mankiller) created a local release, "The Lost Tracks". Whilst Bill Kelly moved to Nashville and separate, Huldzik and Manwiller embarked on getting back on the scene from across Europe and eventually singed a deal with Escape Music to re-release "The Lost Tracks" album slightly modified as "Mr.Lucky" in 1994. The success of “Mr. Lucky” in Europe and Japan led to the members to restart writing together again, and put together yet another album of the band. "The Last Standing Man" was the real brand-new studio album of the band.

Release : 1 December, 1997
Label: Escape Music, UK (ESM023)

1. Hot Nights
2. Somebody's Hero
3. Water (Instrumental)
4. Mama Teach
5. Only Game In Town
7. Run With The Wind
8. Struggles With The Heart
9. The Last Standing Man
10. Little Heartbreaker
11. Finding You Tonight
12. Over In A Minute
13. This Voice
14. Methods Of Modern Man

Producers: Jerry G. Hludzik and Rick Manwiller

Jerry G. Hludzik : Bass and Lead Vocals
Rick Manwiller: Keyboards and Back Vocals
Jon "JL" Lorance: Guitars
Eli M. Hludzik: Drums, Percussion and Additional Vocals