Driving Music


Mark T. Williams (Lionel's Dad) released his 2nd solo album in April 1998, which followed his 1995 first solo album under the name of Lionel’s Dad. Mark plays almost all of the instruments such as Guitars, Bass, Hammond Organ and Keyboards as well as Drums/ Percussion. Naturally Mark’s vocals remind you of those of his younger brother Joseph, particularly when listening to the opening track "Looking For An Answer".

Release: April, 1998
Label : Andromeda Discs, USA (AND 22)

1. Looking For An Answer
2. I'm Falling For You
3. Let Me Be The One
4. Can't Keep Up
5. You Got What You Wanted
6. It WasYou
7. Once You've Got The Fire
8. Free Your Love
9. I Can't Tell You Tonight
10. I Could Read Your Mind
11. R.T.H.D.
12. Our Love's Too Strong
13. She's Gone

Producer: Mark Towner Williams

Mark T. Williams: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

- Musicians -
Guitars: James Welch
Hammond Organ: Herman Beeftink
Backing Vocals: Diane Adams, Cliff Rehrig, Jeanette Clinger