RTZ / Lost


I guess you may be dissapointed when you listen to new tracks on the album "Boston - Greatest Hits" (1997). Why? The answer was simple! The expectation to Boston was the chemical reaction between Tom Scholtz’s perfectionism and the spacey high tone vocals of the late original vocalist Brad Delp’s. On the 1994 Boston’s fiourth album "Walk On", Tom Scholtz managed to keep the Boston's sound with the help of Fran Cosomo and the greatest vocalist Tommy Funderburk due to Brad Delp’s absence. On the contrary everyone could reconfirm how Brad Delp was the voice of Boston.
Around 1989, Delp was on hiatus from Boston and looking to get active in writing again, thus contacted Barry Goudreau, another original Boston’s guitarist, about a possible collaboration. Thus, Delp embarked on then new journey with Goudreau, under the name of , RTZ- the album “Return To Zero" was released in 1991. The difference of the sound between Boston and RTZ was, I thought, that of RTZ was more straight & solid rock without delayed echoes which made the sound of Boston spacy. The melodies of RTZ are really excellet comparing with good old Boston's.
There wore enough leftover tracks from the 1991 RTZ sessions, the second album “Lost” surfaced in 1998.

Release: September, 1998 (Germany) / 21 May, 1999 (Japan)
Label : MTM Music, Germany (196663 / IRS CD 995.556) / Avalon - Marquee Inc., Japan (MICY-1112)

Producers Barry Goudreau

1. When Yoy Love Someone
2. Tum This Love Around
3. Someday
4.,Violent Days
5. Change For Change
6. One In A Million
7. Given Ypu Up For Dead
8. Don't Wait
9. Talk To Me
10. Don't Lead Me On
11. Dangerous *

* Bonus track for Japanese edition

Brad Delp: Vocals
Barry Goudreau: Guitars
Brian Maes: Keyboards
Dave Stefanelli: Drums
Tim Archibald: Bass