The Kazu Project / Standing In The Wings


After releaseing his first solo album "Time No Longer" in 1981, Kazu constantly made his own project albums featuring many session musicians in Los Angeles. In 1982 "The Direction West" featuring Carlos Rios and Bill Champlin, "Standing On The Outside" (1983) which was released here in Japan as the solo album of Robben Ford, "Is That The Way To Your Heart" featuring Greg Walker, Phillip Ingram and Norman Dozier in 1984 and this album "Standing In The Wings" featuring Chris Farren and Tommy Funderburk. This album is the best Kazu Matsui Project album for AOR lovers.
Fortunately we are able to get this album on CD after more than a decade from original release by Cool Sound Inc., Japan collaborated with Kazu Matsui on 10 October, 1998 ( COOL-014 / Kazu Records KAZUCD8505).

Release: June, 1985

Label: Warner-Pioneer Corporation, Japan (P-13134)

1. Don't Look Back
2. Standing In The Wings
3. That Girl
4. Desire (Short Road To Heaven)
5. Doctor O'men
6. Head Above Water
7. Into The Nightfall

Producer:Kazu Matsui

Kazu Matsui: Shakuhachi

- Musicians -
Lead Vocals: Chris Farren ( track 1, 3, 4, 7), Tommy Funderburk (track 2, 5, 6), Andrea Robinson (track 7)
Keyboards: Steve Wood, Martin Lund, Barnaby Finch, Gery Stober
Guitars: Carlos Rios, Dan Huff, Bruce Gaitsch, Issei Noro, Grant Geissman
Pianos: Randy Waldman
Drums: John Robinson, Moyes Lucas, Greg Bissonette
Bass: Jimmy Johnson, Leon Gear, David White, Vince Colaiuta
Percussion: Mike Fisher, Ed Mann, Freddie Washington Jr.
Background Vocals: Maxi Anderson, Marlena Jeter, Phillip Ingram, Darryl Phinnesee