Denander-Gaitsch / Counterparts


This record is a guitar collaboration album completed by two guitarists, each of whom has his own established play-style. One is then young, passionate and full of energy and the other is the matured, soulful and full of intelignece. Who are they? The then young guitarman is Tommy Denander, who seems to be strongly affected by Steve Lukather and Eddie Van Halen. The matured guitarman is Bruce Gaitsch. When I listened to this album first in 1998, I could not help feeling a kind of tension made by these two totally different guitar performances in the good meaning. Bruce succeded to add a kind of order and harmony to Tommy's naive and innocent guitars. I believed that Tommy had something different from the other then young guitarist who could even play the guitar much faster than him, that must be a kind of music sense grown up from his child days. I dared to say that this album was at least five times better than mid 1990’s Steve Lukather's solo album. Worth listening. Lastly you would appreciate that Bill Champlin dedicated his vocals on "Crawfish Blues".

Release: November, 1998
Label : Angelynn Music, USA(ANG-003)

1. Quality Time
2. Hellevator Music
3. Crawfish Blues
4. Sirens
5. Long Distance
6. Falcons Groove
7. Steamrollin'
8. Fretwalking
9. The Secret
10. Unspoken Joy
11. Never Forget You

Producers: Tommy Denander, Bruce Gaitsch

Tommy Denander / Bruce Gaitsch : Guitars, Keyboards and Programming:

- Musicians -
Lead Vocals: Bill Champlin
Keyboards: Ricky B Delin