Bruce Gaitsch’s second solo album "Aphasia" shown his wide range of musical talent as a songwriter, a guitarist and a producer. When you listen to this third solo album, you will feel more relaxing atmosphere than his first solo album "Lyle in A Windstorm". I mean this album is more guitar-oriented album than former two albums.
You would appreciate that Richard Marx added another touch to the cover version of Richard Page's "Dependence".

Release Date : 15 December, 1998 (advanced release) / 23 February, 1999 (official release)
Label: Angelynn Records, USA (ANG-002)

1. Magic Man
2. Crystal Badji
3. Bubble Leg
4. Demains La Vie En Rose
5. Worry Suit
6. Gave Love A Try
7. Once More
8. Cancel April
9. Prarie Blue
10. 3am Again
11. Villa Lobotomies
12. Mortar Mix
13. Nightingale
14. Open Windows
15. Dependence

Producer: Bruce Gaitsch

- Musicians -
Vocals: Janey Clewer
Bass and Vocals: George Hawkins Jr.
Keys and Vocals: Nicolas Peyrac
Drums: Billy Ward
Bass: John Patitucci
Drum Loop: Jeff Porcaro
Piano: Randy Waldman
Fiddle: Randy Howard
Keys: Dennis Matkosky
Rap and Percussion: Samantha Gaitsch
Lead Vocals on track 15 and Keyboards: Richard Marx
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa