Lara Fabian released her first live album in 1999 full of her single hits taken from her second album "CARPE DIEM" originally released in autumn 1994 in Canada and her third album "Pure" originally released in autumn 1996 in Canada. When you listen to this live album, you must reconfirm how excellent Lara Fabian is. She sings all the songs on this live album in French because this album is targeted for French-speaking market.
When I reviewed this album in 1999, I wrote “As Celine Dion did, it is said that Lara is now preparing her worldwide debut English vocal album. When the English vocal album will appear in front of us, I am confident that Lara will be the super star more than Celine Dion.” It did not take long for Lara Fabian that she released her worldwide English vocal debut album after this.

Release : 19 February, 1999
Label: Polydor France (547152-2)

Disc 1
1. Ouverture Tout
2. Alleuia
3. Les amoureux de l'an deux mille
4. Leila
5. La difference
6. Perdere l'amore
7. J'ai zappe
8. Si tu m'aimes
9. Evidemment
10. Tout

Disc 2
1. Humana
2. Urgent desir
3. Ici
4. Dites-moi pourquoi je l'aime
5. Reveille-toi brother
6. Je suis malade
7. Je t'aime
8. Je t'appartiens
9. Requiem pour un fou <Duet with Johnny Hallyday>

Producers: Rick Allison, Patrice Cramer

Lara Fabian: Vocals

- Musicians -
Guitars: Rjean Lachance, Eric Rock
Bass: Al Baculis
Drums; Al Baculis
Keyboards: Pierre Grimard
Backing Vocals: Dominique Fraure, Linda Benoy, Kim Richardson