The first solo album of Janey. Janey wrote all materials by herself except "Can't Let You Go With My Heart" with Linda Thompson. In addition to Janey's gentle vocals and keyboards/piano performance, you should focus Janey's sequencing and drum programming, which was said to be really excellent. You might be aware that Richard Marx was singing background vocals on "Can't Let You Go With My Heart".

Release: 21 September, 1995 (Japan) / 1996 (Sweden)
Label : Pioneer LDC, Japan (PICP-1074), Westcoast Records, Sweden (WESTCD7)

1. Tell Me It's Not Over
2. Won't Go Back
3. Fallin' In Love
4. Can't Let You Go With My Heart
5. Two Shooting Stars
6. Love Like No Other I've Known
7. Scent Of A Woman
8. I'm Losin' You
9. Catch And Kiss The Sun
10. Even If You Walk Away
11. There Is A Quiet Place

Producers : Randy Waldman, Janey Clewer

Janey Clewer: Vocals, Keyboards, Programming

- Musicians -
Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch
Saxophone: Dave Boruff
Piano: Randy Waldman
Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin, Richard Marx, Marc Jordan
Percussion: Michael Fisher
Violin: Juliann French
Viola: Simon Oswell
Celli: Armen Ksajikian, Sachi McHenry, Dane Little
Giggles: Samantha Taylor Gaitsch