Early Years


"Early Years" CD Limited 200 copies edition were released secretly on "Not for Sale" basis only for Japanese fan club; A.O.R. CLUB members as a special gift project in December 1998. Someone might read this fact on several AOR websites such as French famous "Westcoast Rendez-vous" website or Official Michael Landau Website or e-mail posted on TOTO Mailing List. I have been noticed by Joey Carbone, the producer of Joseph's 2nd/3rd Solo albums and the coordinator of this special project , that the "Early Years" CD would be released on commercial basis this year by Intercord, Germany, Cargo, UK and Thoughtscape Sounds, USA. The track listing is the exactly same as the A.O.R. CLUB version which includes 10 tracks as bellow. This is a collection of Joseph's unreleased demos recorded between 1981 to 1990.
As you see, the original artworks of A.O.R. CLUB edition was black one but its commercial editions is brown one.
Track 4 “Fire Power” was released on 45rpm single from the soundtrack LP vinyl “Body By Jake - Don’t Quit” on MCA Records, USA in 1984.

Release: December 1998 (private release) / July, 1999 ( USA and EU commercial release) / 22 December, 1999 (Japan commercial release)
Label: A.O.R. CLUB, Japan (AORC-001) / Nubieboyz Records, USA (NB42951) / Tricycle Entertainment, Japan (TNCP-6)

1. Running On A Deadline
2. Never Be The Same
3. Pump Jockys
4. Fire Power
5. I'm Holding On To You Forever
6. Pretty Face
7. Running In The Dark
8. Reckless Heart
9. Hold Me Down
10. Times Have Changed

Producer: Joseph Williams
Executive Producer: Joey Carbone

Joseph Williams: Vocals

- Musicians -
Keyboards: Joseph Williams and Jay Gruska
Guitars: Michael Landau
Bass: Mark Brown
Drums: Mark T. Williams
Sax: George Englund
Backing Vocals: Jay Gruska, Deena Anderson