4th solo effort "Perfume" featured 11 intoxicating songs plus 2 bonus tracks. This album was more jazzy than her previous three solo albums.You may reconfirm her versatile songwriting talent and her beuatiful voice once you listen. If you expect her sophistcated pop melodies, you would also satsify with "I Concentrate On You" and the bonus track "Lovers Are Never Lost". A sophistcated beautiful ballad "I Don't Feel Beautiful", another bonus track, would be really splendid.
Here are several artists' words regarding this album from the liner notes of this album:-
Robert Lamm: "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...the songs, the singing, the arrangements. Janey, you should be very proud of this work!"
Beth Neilson Chapman: "Janry's voice as a writer and artist is very fresh, innovative and original. Perfumeis a rich landscape for Janey's crystal vocals."

Release: 25 December, 2004
Label: Cool Sound,Inc., Japan (COOL-120)

1. Fool In Love
2. Perfume
3. She's In The Room
4. Cancel April
5. I Have A Thing For Sting
6. All's Not In Fair In Love And War
7. Exposed
8. I Concetrate On You
9. I Had A Bad Dream
10. He Was With Me
11. It Does My Heart Good
12. Lovers Are Never Lost <bonus track>
13. I Don't Fell Beautiful <bonus track>

Producers: Janey Clewer, Randy Waldman, Bruce Gaitsch

Janey Clewer: Vocals, Keyboards, Programming

- Musicians -
Keyboards,Piano, Programming, Trimpet: Randy Waldman
Guitars: Bruce Gaitsch
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Ian Wallace
Bass: Geroge Hawkins, Bruce Gaitsch
Sax: Dave Boruff
Background Vocals: Neal Coomer