F.R.O. Feat. Bobby Kimball ‎/ Classic Toto Hits


After leaving Toto in 1984, Kimball successfully established his firm status in Germany and UK by the project "Far Corporation" in 1985 releasing hit single "Stair to Heaven" originally performed by Led Zeppelin, ranked number 8 on UK Chart.
In 1990, Kimball performed various Toto songs with 75 piece Frankfurt Rock Orchestra and released this performance was released as “Classic Toto Hits”, that was released under various titles such as “F.R.O. Feat. Bobby Kimball ‎– Classic Toto Hits”,
“Frankfurt Rock Orchestra Feat. Bobby Kimball ‎– Plays Classic Toto Hits” or “Bobby Kimball With The Frankfurt Rock Orchestra* ‎– The Best Of Toto” in various European countries.
Despite that the album was titled as “Classic Toto Hits”, the album was closed by “Cool Change” originally performed by Little River Band.

Release: 1990
Label: MMS, Germany (CD 903001-2)
Producers: Freddy Schladt, Tommy Schmitt-Zijnen

Bobby Kimball: Vocals

1. Child's Anthem
2. Out Of Love
3. Rosanna
4. I Won't Hold You Back
5. Hold The Line
6. I 'll Be Over You
7. Africa
8. Holyanna
9. Anna
10. Isolation
11. One Day At A Time
12. Cool Change