All I Ever Needed


In 1998, Bobby Kimball rejoined Toto after his guest appearances with Joseph Williams on XX short European tour and recorded brand new album “Mindfields” (released in March 1999). In the same year, the voice of TOTO also released his second solo album full of Classic TOTO-vein tunes, totally different from the first solo album "Rise Up”. Whilst materials on the “Rise Up” were written by Bruce Gowdy, Guy Allison and other melodic rock writers, all songs were penned by Kimball himself with John Patrick Zaika.
It is my opinion that the first track of the album is most important because it would heavily influence listners how they are impressed. In this sense, "'Til Tomorrow", the first track of this album is perfect one. And Buzzy Feiton's guitar is much better than Luke's too-much-heavy one on 1990’s TOTO's albums. The third track "My Kinda Lover" is very good tune which shows how Bobby can sing emotionally with R&B taste.
This album was released as the special limited edition CD (5,000 coipies) for Harley-Davidson European Bike Week 99 taken place in Carinthia, Austria during the first week of September 1999. Bobby had a special live performance there on Saturday 4 September, 1999 as the main act.

Release: September, 1999
Label : Torika Music LLC, Austria (29347051055)

1. 'Till Tomorrow
2. All I Ever Needed
3. My Kinda Lover
4. Two Souls
5. This Time
6. Kristine
7. Live The Groove
8. Do You Ever
9. Loves Gonna Find You
10. Hand In Hand

Producers: John Zaika, Bobby Kimball

Bobby Kimball: Vocals

- Musicians -
Guitars: Buzzy Feiten, Dave Barnett, Mike Barnes
Piano, B-3: Mitchell Foreman, Marc Hugenberger
Bass: Brian Bromberg, Alec Milstien
Drums: Joel Taylor
Horns: Dave Butler, Jim Foster, Fulton Turnage, Doug Webb
Mpc-programming: John Zaika
Strings arrangement: Karl Eagan
Background Vocals: Mickey Thomas, Larry Batiste, Jeanie Tracy, Tony Lindsay