Spare Tire Orchestra


This is the special present from Peter Mayer, well-known for marvelous works as PM and solo works, at the last moment of 1900's. This album is a kind of "Unplugged" studio live albums. According to the announcement towards to his fanclub, the first 1,000 CDs are signed and numbered with autographed promotional photo. This CD consists of 8 great songs, including the never before released "Hair Of The Dog", and all time favorites "India" & "Moonlight Over Paris" acoustic self-remake versions.
According to the liner notes of this CD, "Hair Of The Dog" was written with Jay Oliver in 1988 originally for Bonnie Raitt, but never recorded by her unfortunately. Now, you can listen to this unrecorded track as the Peter Mayer's version on this CD. Just for your information, my first impression of this CD is that Peter plays and sings like Paul McCartney.

Release: 17 December, 1999
Label : Little Flock Music, USA (LFM #1002)

1. Spare Tire Orchestra
2. Hair Of The Dog
3. India
4. The Remains
5. True Life Adventure
6. The Ballad Of Jogn Steele
7. Moonlight Over Paris
8. You Child

Peter Mayer: Vocals, Guitar

- Musicians -
Jim Mayer: Electric and Acoustic Bass, Psaltery, Chest Claps
Vince Varvel: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Hand Drum
Scott Bryan: Percussion, Guitar, Vocals, Accordion
Audrey and Daisey: Backup Vocals