Michael McDonald / Blue Obsession


Michael McDonald's long-delayed solo album "Blue Obsession" I became available, almost 3 years behind its original schedule; Autumn 1997 under Reprise Records - Warner Bros, USA. As a matter of fact, Warner Bros pressed a few hundred advance promo CDs in October 1997 with different track order. But it was shelved unfortunately.
McDonald started his own label "Ramp Records" and distribution was undertaken by Chicago Records for the "Blue Obsession" album, which might remind you of the story for the Chicago's unreleased masterpiece "Stone Of Sisyphus". The three songs "Give It Up", "Tell It Like It Is" and "Take It From The Top" included on Reprise promo release are replaced by "Where Would I Be Now", "Build Upon It" and "Down By The River" on this commercial release.

Release: 29 February, 2000
Label : Ramp Records, USA (#1005, distributed by Chicago Records)

1. All I Need
2. No Love To Be Found
3. Obsession Blues
4. Where Would I Be Now
5. Build Upon It
6. The Meaning Of Love
7. Open The Door
8. Kikwit Town
9. Down By The River
10. Someday You Will
11. Ain't That Peculiar
12. You Can't Make It Love

Producers: Tommy Sims, Berine Chiaravalle, David Pack, Chris Pelonis, Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald: Vocals, Keyboards

- Musicians -
Keyboards: Tommy Sims, David Pack, Bill Livsey, Marc Harris, Joe Hogue
Piano: Matt Rollins
Drums: George Perilli, Dan Needham, Chester Thompson, Armand Grimaldi
Percussion: Tom Roady The Nashville String Machine.
Guitars: Tommy Sims, Chris Rodriguez, Bernie Chiaravalle, William Owsley, George Cocchini, Gordon Kennedy, David Pack
Bass: Tommy Sims, Viktor Krauss (acoustic bass)
Lap Steel: Dan Dugmore
Sax: Kirk Whalum, Mark Douthit, Doug Moffet, Dennis Solee
Trumpet: Mike Haynes
Trombone: Barry Green
Flute: Sam Levine
Oboe: Bobby Taylor
Vocals: Wendy Moten
Background Vocals: Tommy Sims, Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait, Kevin Max Smith, Johnny Neel, Tabitha Fair, Angelo Petrucci, Veronica Petrussi, Joey Kibble, Mark Kibble, Claude McKnight, Nicol Smith, Chris Willis