The John Tesh Project / Pure Movies 2


This is the second collection of most popular songs from movies elegantly arranged and performed on Grand Piano by the award-winning musician John Tesh. If you would love to listen to David Foster's instrumental piano albums, this is the CD for you. However, this is not the true reason why I picked up this CD here.
You can listen to Richard Page's (ex Pages / Mr. Mister) lead vocal on "When She Loved Me", cover version originally from the Disney animation movie "TOY STORY 2" . And you can also enjoy acclimated CCM singer, Cindy Morgan's beautiful vocal.

Label: Garden City Music, USA (481434580-2)
Release Date: 18 April, 2000

1. You'll Be In My Heart (From "Tarzan")
2. Brian's Song (From "Brian's Song")
3. When She Loved Me (From "Toy Story 2")
4. Against All Odds (From "Against All Odds")
5. Endless Love (From "Endless Love")
6. Somewhere In Time (From "Somewhere In Love")
7. Evergreen (From "A Star Is Born")
8. Summer Of '42 (From "Summer Of '42")
9. What A Wonderful World (From "Sleepless In Seattle")
10. She's Like The Wind (From "Dirty Dancing")
11. The Crying Game (From "The Crying Game")
12. Take My Breath Away (From "Top Gun")
13. Iris (From "City Of Angels")
14. Heart Of The Sunrise

Producers: Tim Heintz, Ross Pallone and himself
Lead Vocals: Richard Page (Tracks 3), Cindy Morgan (Track 14)