Rosie / Better Late Than Never


In early 70's, David Lasley performed on stage for the well-known musical "Hair". David met Lynn Pitney and Lana Marrano there. This was the starting of the group Rosie. At the early stage, they performed also with Arnold McCuller and the name of the group was "Spoonspell". After all, Arnold left the group and renamed the group as "Rosie". In 1976, they released their first album "Better Late Than Never". They shown R&B, Soul flavor all through this album. This album features Lasley/Marrano composition “Roll Me Through the Rushes,” later a big song for Chaka Khan in 1978. You will reconfirm David Lasley's marvelous vocal talent by listening this early works.

Release: 1976
Label: RCA Victor Records, USA (APL1-1498)

First Reissued CD Release: 21 June, 2000 (BMG Funhouse, Japan, BVCM-37131)

1. Roll Me Through The Rushes
2. The Knockout Kind
3. Pick Up Your Heart
4. Blind Man's Pearl
5. Safe Harbor
6. Late Bloomer
7. London Blues
8. Dixie Hobo Queen
9. Walk In Grace
10. Danny's Ditty
11. Ole Man Trouble

Producers: Genya Ravan, Harvey Goldberg

David Lasley : Vocals
Lynn Pitney: Vocals
Lana Marrano: Vocals

- Musicians -
Drums: Andy Newmark, Rick Marotta, Charles Collins
Keyboards/Piano: Ralph Schukett, Leon Pendarvis, Micky B. Tucker
Bass: Bob Babbitt, Anthony Jackson
Guitars: Lance Quinn, Jeff Mironov
Vibes: David Friedman
Harmonica: Michael Chimes
Sax: Joe Farrel, Ronald Cuber, Arnie Lawrence, Louis E. Marini
Trombone: David M. Taylor, Tom Malone
Trumpet: Marvin Stamm, John Gatchell, Randy Brecker, Jim Bossy
Fiddle: Diana Halprin
Percussion: Carlos Martin