Roby Duke / Blue Eyed Soul


Mississippi born Roby Duke, one of the best CCM singers in 1980's, was successful to release "Not The Same" on Songbird, MCA Christian divisio in 1982 and followed by another top quality album “Come Let Us The Reason" in 1984 for Good News Records distributed by Word/Epic. The next album was this 1986 “ Blue Eyed Soul” for the same label, that was first one originally released on CD. The album "Blue Eyed Soul" may give you a bit different feel, because the album is a little too electric alike Go West in those days. The album was reissued with other albums by Cool Sound Inc, Japan on 10 September, 2000.

Release: 1986
Label: Good News Records, USA (CD: 7-01-812169-8, Vinyl: 7-01-812110-8)

1. I Know You, Mister
2. I've Come Too Far
3. This Is Not A Game
4. Runaway (Say So)
5. Another Night
6. I'll Survive
7. Talk To Me
8. Can't Let You Go
9. It's Up To You
10. Here For You

Producer: Roby Duke
Executive Producer: Teri Piro

Roby Duke: Vocals, Keyboards

- Musicians -
Keyboards: Eric Persing
Guitars: Dann Huff, Steve Farris, Michael Thompson
Bass: John Patitucci
Drums: Bob Wilson
Sax: Bob Sheppard
Background Vocals: Deniece Williams, Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Carmen Twillie