Peter Beckett moved to Los Angeles from England to pursue further his music career, then reunited with Steve Kipner, his old bandmate to form Skyband with Lane Caudell. Skyband recorded an album in London and released as self-titled debut album for RCA in 1975 but was not successful enough. In 1977 finally Peter Beckett came across J.C. Crowley when both attended party in Hollywood and they got together and jam, began working on their new material in Crowley's garage, they recorded a single record “Jukebox Saturday Night” under the name of Bandana, c/w “Love Is Where You Find It", later to be re-recorded for Player’s first album. The two were introduced to Ronn Moss. Then Moss brought in his old friend John Friesen. Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter liked their materials and took the guys into the studio to record a few songs. Thus, they got a deal with RSO label. The band also added keyboard player Wayne Cook,former band member of Steppenwolf, Cook was not pictured on the album cover, joining after the publicity photo was taken. The band finally released the lead single "Baby Come Back” that broke on the radio in October of 1977 and their self-titled debut album followed. They first performed live as the opening act for Gino Vanelli November of 1977, then later with Boz Scaggs. “Baby Come Back” reached number 1 on US single chart early January 1978. The second single “This Time I'm in It for Love" also reached number 10. The album peaked number 26 on Billboard 200.

Release: September, 1977
Label, RSO Records, USA (RS-1-3026)

First Reissued CD Release: 28 August, 2001 (2 on 1 CD with “Danger Zone”, One Way Records, USA, 314589290-2)

First Reissued CD Release as an album: 27 July, 2011 (A&M Records - Universal Music, Japan, UICY-75089)

1. Come On Out
2. Baby Come Back
3. Goodbye (That's All I Ever Heard)
4. Melanie
5. Every Which Way
6. This Time I'm In It For Love
7. Love Is Where You Find It
8. Movin' Up
9. Cancellation
10. Tryin' To Write A Hit Song

Producers:Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter

Peter Beckett: Guitars, Vocals
Ronn Moss: Bass, Vocals
J.C. Crowley: Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
John Friesn: Drums
Wayne Cook: Keyboards

- Musicians -
Keyboards: Michael Omartian
Guitars: Reed Kailing, Jay Lewis
Drums, Percussion: Jack White
Percussion, Vibraphone: Gary Coleman
Sax: Jim Horn
Flute: Jim Horn