Days In Avalon


Richard Marx's first studio recording album of 2000’s "Days In Avalon" was released under his own label, Signal 21 Music (available through Navarre Corporation's music division, who signed an exclusive distribution agreement, in the U.S. and Canada then). As well-known, the reason Richard Marx left Capitol Records is said to be that Capitol insisted that Richard should have sweet and mellow ballad-type potential hit tunes alike "Right Here Waiting" or "Hold On To The Nights" on his former album "Flesh and Bone", which made the delay of the album release. Further, Richard did not satisfy with the fact that Capitol did not promote "Flesh and Bone" very much. On this album, Richard did what he could not do with Capitol. I felt that the basic concept of this album should be simple arrangement with less keyboards. To be honest, I was expecting that Richard would make more Westcoast-oriented rock album like his debut album. I am obliged to feel that this album is too simple and with a little bit excessive country-flavor probably achieved by the country-field musicians such as Eddie Bayers (drums), and/or Paul Franklin (Slide Guitar). Richard's melodies are still great as he wrote "This I Promise You" for 'Nsync. Therefore, I believed Richard blow out his frustration by making this album as he wanted and I would have had high expectation that he must be back with more pop great album after this one, then.

Release: 24 October, 2000
Label : Signal 21 Music, USA (S21C 10001)

1. Days In Avalon
2. Shine
3. Someone Special
4. Almost Everything
5. The Edge Of Forever
6. Power Of Your And Me
7. One More Time
8. Waiting On Your Love
9. More Than A Mystery
10. Boy Next Door
11. Too Early To Be Over
12. Straight From My Heart

Producer: Richard Marx
Co-Producer: David Cole

Richard Marx: Vocals

- Musicians -
Drums: Herman Matthews, Eddie Bayers
Bass: Randy Jackson, Michael Rhodes, George Hawkins, Duncan Mullins
Guitars: Michael Landau, Michael Thompson, J.T. Corenflos, Bruce Gaitsch, Blue Miller
Slide Guitar: Paul Franklin, Don Kirkpatrick
Keyboards: Jeffrey C.J. Weston, Gary Smith, Tim Akers
Wurlitzer: Greg Phillinganes
B3: Matt Rollings
Percussion: Eric Darkin
Duel Vocal on track 5: Chely Wright
Background Vocals: Fee Waybill, Shannon Brown, Yvone Gage, Joan Collaso, Robin E. Robinson, Anne Bent, Julie Lyons, Alison Krauss

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