Mackey Feary & Nite Life


Honolulu native Mackey Feary (13 August, 1955 – 20 February, 1999) formed Kalapana with Malani Bilyeu, DJ Pratt, and Kirk Thompson and they added Michael Paulo and Alvin Fejerang in 1973 or so. It was 1975 when Kalapana released their first album “Kalapana I”. The second album “Kalapana II” followed almost a year later. Despite the success, group tensions caused Feary's departure in 1977.

Release: 1983
Label: Sea West, Hawaii USA (SWLP 8064)

First Reissued CD Release: 25 October, 2000 (Cool Sound Inc., Japan, COHI-1004)

1. Stop Running From Love
2. Marci
3. Don't Change Your Mind Tonight
4. Such Hot Stuff
5. You, In My Life
6. Biggest Part Of Me
7. Love Is Blind
8. I Will Always Be For You
9. Love Is On My Mind
10. Marci (Marci Music Remix) *
11. Apartment #703

* Bonus Track(s) added to Reissued CD(s):
2000 Cool Sound Inc., Japan, (COHI-1004 released on 25 October, 2000)

Producers: Rick Asher Keefer and Gaylord Holomalia

Mackey Feary & Nite Life:
Mackey Feary : Lead Vocal, Guitar
Maurice Bega : Lead Vocal, Guitar
Kenji Sano : Bass

- Musicians -
Drums: Gerry Davis
Keyboards: George Tavy
Sax : Gordon Uchima