Brock Walsh / Songs From The Moon Room


After releasing the Japanese only debut album “Dateline:Tokyo”, Brock Walsh focused on writing songs to other artists and became widely recognised by his excellent songwriting in 1984 when “Automatic” co-written with Mark Goldenberg reached top 5 on Billboard Hot 100. In 1995, Walsh joined the project “Brother Time” and released an album “Just The Beginning”. In 2001, Brock Walsh’s unreleased songs collection album was released on the Cool Sound. The Opening tune “Blessed” is self-cover version of the tune known by Christina Aguilera on her debut album. Track 2 “Lullaby In Blue” is also self-cover version of the tune originally performed by Bette Midler on her 1998 album “Bathhouse Betty”.

Release:10 May, 2001
Label: Cool Sound, Inc. Japan (COOL-071)

1. Blessed
2. Lullaby In Blue
3. When I Was Rich
4. Wishing Well
5. Don't Forget My Name
6. One World
7. A Map Of Paris
8. I Could Go On Forever
9. Castaway
10. Little Love
11. Everyone Goes

Producer: Brock Walsh
Brick Walsh: Vocals, All Instruments except below

Guitar & Backing Vocal on Track 2: Adam Cohen
Piano on Track 3: Phil Galdston
Piano and strings arranged on Track 5: Bill Elliott
Drums on Track 11: Sticks Akimbo
Accordion on Track 11: Reggie Hogwind
Bass on Track11: Chaz Plazmatini