The President / By Appointment Of


There were several good AOR/Westcoast albums, on which we could not find neither big Los Angeles studio musicians nor the excellent Westcoast producers. The President's album "By Appointment Of" was one of them without question. However, the member of this awesome unit "The President" are much well-known among popular music fans for the following works they involved. Pim Koopman was the drummer of rock group "Kayak" in early 70's and then joined the group "Diesel" as the drummer and keyboard player in late 1970's. In Netherlands, Pim participated in many sessions and produced many artists. I believe that you had probably a chance to listen to the lead vocal works done by Okikie Huysdens. Okikie was the man who sang on the Paul McCartney's part of "Stars On 45" Beatles Medley in early 1980's. Toshikazu Kanazawa, the writer of this reissue CD reviewed that Okikie Huysdens' voice is much more alike Don Henley's than Paul McCartney's, about which I agree when I listened to "Don't Put Me On Hold", very good Eagles-vein mid-tempo rock tune. This album is one of the must-item for AOR/Westcoast pop lovers. Do not miss the chance to get the CD this time!! For your information, The President also released their second album "Muscles" in 1985, whcih was not so good as this masterpiece.

Release: 1983
Label: CBS Records, Holland (CBS 25631)

First CD Release: 1983 (Epic Sony, Japan, 35-8P-53)

1. Hot-Blooded Lady
2. Workin' Girl
3. Makin' Millionaires
4. Don't Put Me On Hold
5. Turn Me On
6. That's The Way That It Is
7. Only Once Is Enough
8. You're Gonna Like It
9. Outland
10. Goin' Places

Release Date: June 20, 2001 (Original Release: 1983)
Producers: Pim Koopman and Okikie Huysdens

The President:
Pim Koopman: Keyboards, Drums, Background Vocals
Okikie Huysdens: Lead and Background Vocals, Keyboards

- Musicians -
Guitars: Bas Krumperman
Bass: Frank Papendrecht
Background Vocals: Hans Vermeulen