Jay Graydon All Stars / Airplay For The Planet Live in Japan 1994.1.19


Legendary all-star live performance of 1994 is available as "Airplay For The Planet Live In Japan 1994.1.19". This is the must-have DVD for all of AOR/Westcoast music lovers! The video of this performance was shot as the private recorded data for the band, using a single camera. It was not intended to be published those days. Thus, video iteself is very simple one and the sound of the live performance is taken from the soundboard, and mixed into well-balanced 2 track stereo. Loud noises of audience is very low because the band did not intend to release live-recordings. This DVD captures the very first gig of this All-star band but their perfomace was awesome because they had rehearsed almost 3 weeks before the tour. After Japan tour, the all-star band moved to Scandinavia and they performed 8 stages more. You should note that Japanese tour was a little bit gorgeous because 3 female vocalists; Janea Chadwick, Amye Williams and Tamara Champlin were backing. Now, you should revisit Jay Graydon All Star Band excellent live performance. Last but not least, The DVD first edition limieted package includes 2 CDs featuring all songs of the performance, deleting MC.

Release Date: 12 December, 2007

Label: Isol Discus Organization / Ward Records Inc., Japan (GOBP-10001)

1. Criminal
2. Satisfaction
3. She Just Can't Make Up Her Mind
4. Holdin' On To Love
5. Walk The Wire
6. After The Love Has Gone
7. First And Last
8. Insincere
9. In The Heat Of The Night
10. Baby, Bye Bye
11. Steve Porcaro, Bill Cantos, John Van Tongeren, Keyboard Solo
12. When You Look In My Eyes
13. Roxann
14. Nothin' You Can Do About It
15. Band Intro
16. Turn Your Love Around
17. Pat Mastelotto Drum Solo and Kenji Sano Bass Solo
18. Show Me The Magic
19. Pamela
20. Stranded

Jay Graydon All Stars:
Jay Graydon : Guitar, Vocals
Bill Champlin: Vocals. B3 Organ, Guitar
Joseph Williams : Vocals, Keyboards
Kenji Sano: Bass. Vocals
Sherwood Ball: Guitar, Vocals
Steve Porcaro: Keyboards
Bill Cantos : Keyboards, Vocals
John Van Tongeren: Keyboards
Pat Mastelotto: Drums
Tamara Champlin : Backing Vocals
Janea Chadwick : Backing Vocals
Amye Williams : Backing Vocals