Through My Eyes


Many inquiries had been sent to me about the sensational news since end of September, 1996 when I had published Eric Tagg would be back to the music scene here in Japan.
Eric Tagg proved that he was still the one of best vocalists in AOR / Westcoast then. We were very happy to listen to his unchanged vocals on this album. I would like to express my great appreciation to Shinji Ikegami of ID Net, you were really very generous in allowing to use photos of Eric Tagg's and giving me various information in 1997. And you should note now that Nozomi Tsutsui, the executive producer was the guy who made possible to have David Foster’s first solo album “The Best Of Me”.

And here you may read Eric Tagg’s message originally shown on my old website in 1997 as below;

Dear Everyone
I am so grateful for this chance to reach out into the world with my music, to try to pull on some heartstrings, to make some sense of it all, and maybe just to get some bodies moving. The tunes on this album are not only love songs in the romantic sense, but the lyrics are actually, for the most part, love letters air mailed from the Lord, written to His children, you and me. I hope you get to know Him better.
I want to thank a lot of folks for their part in this effort of Michael's and mine. Marja (my love,I'm never too far) for everything; Barry, Vivien, Brandy, Mom, Rini, Bob and lppy plus Selah, for filth, prayers, and encouragement; John Stanley, Patty Threlkel, Nozomi Tsutsui and Kaori, for the vision and the brass tacks of the project, and for their friendship; Michael McGregor, for all the cooking, programming, insight, and talks in the hot tub; Linda Fiets, for caring, for time and handling all the details; Larry Tagg, for the playing, the brotherhood and the challenges of a lifetime; my heroes, the giants Lee Ritenour, Abraham Laboriel, Don Grusin, and Bill Champlin, for taking the time; for the talents of Joseph Williams, June Stanley, Ron Boustead, (plus refrigerator and ADAT), Michael Thompson, Steve Gay, Kurt Walther, and Phil Sheeran (of the Corbin Canyon Jogging Club), love and thanks; also my other heroes, Ivan Lins and Stevie Wonder, for a lifetime of joy.
Special thanks to Mr.Adachi, Mr. Moribayashi, Mr. Nakada, Akio Tanaka, Seth Riggs, Andrea, Fran Amitin, Judith Bright, Greg and Suzanne Edmonson, Ruth Rivin, Roger Fiets, Emma, Noah, Lewis Nichols, Bill and Mark and RBF, Evan, Rocky, the Wookey, Pee Wee, and the Bonz.
Love and Peace,


Release: 21 January, 1997
Label: ID NET Inc., Japan (AHCA-0003) (distributed by Bandai Music Entertainment)

1. What Say
2. Never Too Far
3. Innocent
4. Selah
5. All I Can Give
6. Main Man
7. Sing Along With Love
8. Someday
9. Even Though
10. Yes Or No
11. Heaven Is Ten Zillion Light Years Away

Producer: Michael McGregor
Co-Producer: Eric Tagg
Executive Producer : Nozomi Tsutsui

Eric Tagg: Vocals, Keyboards, Flute

- Musicians -
Guitars: Lee Ritenour, Michael Thompson, Phil Sheeran
Keyboard: Don Grusin
Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Larry Tagg, Lance Morrison
Drums: Kurt Walther
Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Ron Boustead, June Stanley (Junko Yagami)