Marilyn Scott / Walking With Strangers


Marilyn Scott's 7th album "Walking With Strangers" is her first for Prana Entertainment, then new Los Angeles label.
Scott’s intimate music fellow such as Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip are tightly backing up her on this brand-new album. When she released late 90’s albums for Warner Jazz, those were much more jazz-oriented than her 80's and early 90's albums full of R&B and/or Free-Soul flavors. As regards this album "Walking With Strangers", she revealed variety of her talent as a singer. The Opening track "Loving You" is a good pop-jazz tune and the following "I Always Think Of You" written by herself would be good-old Marilyn R&B flavored tune. "Give In" reminds me of her early 90's sophisticated Adult Contemporary tunes. Very good!

Label: Prana Entertainment, USA (8 06863001-2)
Release: 6 November, 2001

1. Loving You
2. I Always Think Of You
3. Give In
4. All Of The Above
5. Beginning With You
6. You Don't Know What Love Is
7. Walking With Strangers
8. Don't Let Love Get Away
9. Who's Looking For Me?
10. No Room For Hate

Producers: Jimmy Haslip, Renato Neto, Russell Ferrante, Joe Vannelli, Terri Lyne Carrington, Patrice Rushen, Kattise Buckingham and herself
- Musicians -
Keyboards: Renato Neto, Russell Ferrante, Joe Vannelli, Jimmy Haslip, Patrice Rushen, George Duke
Guitars: Ray Fuller, Richard Silveira, Ramon Stagnaro, James Hara
Bass: Jimmy Haslip,
Drums: Joey Heredia, Vinny Colaiuta, Terri Lyne Carrington, Kattise Buckingham, Michael White
Percussion: Daryl "Munyungo" Jackson
Duet Vocals on track 6: Frank McComb
Background Vocals: Lori Perry, Dorlene Perry, Carolyn Perry, Leslie Smith, Maxine Lewis, Ross Vannelli