The Howland/Imboden Project


The Howland/Imboden Project is an all instrumental rock/jazz/fusion project featuring Keith Howland (guitar) and Tris Imboden (drums), both members of the Chicago as at October 2001. The debut album from the band features 10 tracks ranging from straight ahead rock to Latin tinged jazz.

Label: Gracenote Records, USA
Release: 21 October, 2001

1. Don't Wake The Baby
2. Theme From A Love Dream
3. Cement Mixer
4. Your Old Thingy
5. Fallin' In A Hole
6. Philly Blue
7. Friday The 13th
8. Sharp Funk 5
9. Inching Towards....?
10. Mr. Ceiling Fan

Producers: Keith Howland and Tris Imboden
Keith Howland: Guitars, Keyboards
Tris Imboden: Drums

- Musicians -
Keyboards: Jeff Babko, Bill Champlin, David Garfield, Robert Lamm, Steve Weingart, Horace Williamson, Lance Morrison
Bass: Jimmy Earl, Jason Scheff
Trumpet: Lee Loughnane
Trombone: James Pankow
Sax: Mark Russo
Percussion: Kevin Ricard