Laboriel Mathieson


Greg Mathieson seemed to be very aggressive around 2000 for releasing CDs. Following the great live album "Live At The Baked Potato" with Abraham Laboriel, Michael Landau and Vinnie Colaiuta. The duet album with Abraham Laboriel was released. The liner notes on the CD says "This project has a simple origin. Poet Quincy Troupe invited Greg and Abraham to play as a duet to provide musical counterpoint for an evening of poetry readings by such gifted artists as Amiri Baraka. Their dialogue was a joy for them and for those who listened. They decided to experiment more with this format and wrote pieces to highlight that dialogue, to accent and interaction of just two voices. These tunes were recorded in a single take without overdubs to capture the intimacy and excitement of the conversation. Enjoy."

Label: LMNOP Music, USA (CD Serial number: none)
Release: October, 2001

1. Rosita De Abril
2. Doublin'
3. Time Has No Green Card
4. Con Alma
5. QT Π
6. Inspiration
7. Savada
8. Givers
9. Seeing Is Believing

Producers: Greg Mathieson and Abraham Laboriel
Laboriel Mathieson:
Greg Mathieson: Piano
Abraham Laboriel: Bass