Sneaker / Early On


The Sneaker's early years rare materials including demos for their sensational debut album "Sneaker" and unreleased materials selected by Toshi Nakada, was released as the album “Early On”. Toshi Nakada selected 12 tunes out of 23 candidates including "More Than Just The Two O Us" alternative version featuring Mitch Crane on the lead vocal and a little bit classical instrumental piece. This collection album mainly includes early-years demos before releasing their 1s album as the title shows. And, it should be noted that the closing tune "Without Your Love" is the demo recorded in 1983 after the sudden bankrupt of the record company. You will find out how the Sneaker got a deal by listening to this album.
In addition to the above, I love the artwork of the album.

Label: Cool Sound, Japan (COOL-083)
Release: 10 December, 2001

1. Cinderella
2. Keri
3. Looking For Someone Like You
4. Head Jazz
5. Loose In The World
6. If You Should Want Me (1st version)
7. If You Should Want Me (2nd version)
8. One By One
9. Just For You
10. Millionaire
11. Did You Order One
12. Without Your Love

Producers: Themselves except track 7, 8 by Al Schmitt and Shelly Weiss,track 12 by Mitch Crane, Michael Carey Scheneider and Tim Torrance
Mitch Crane: Guitars, Vocals
Michael Carey Schneider: Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Cottage: Bass, Vocals
Mike Hughes: Drums
Jim King: Keyboards

- Additional Musician -
Robert Pina: Drums