Karizma / Lost & Found


Karizma, the L.A. based super fusion band David Garfield formed, has a long long history. "Fusion" is widely recognized as music blended many musical elements from Latin, Jazz, Funk and Rock. In this sense, Karizma is the leader of this music category. This collection CD includes early years demos including the interesting 1982 demos with James Felix on vocals, two of which were re-recorded on their first CD "Dream Come True" released in 1983 and one of which, "I Guess I'll Just Move On" was later recorded instrumentally as "Hungry Dogs" on their 2nd album "Cuba". And you can also listen to 1983 live tracks done at Baked Potato in North Hollywood which were broadcasted on FM Tokyo in Japan in those days.

Label: Creatchy Records, USA (CR-014)
Release: December, 2001

1. Prophecy
2. Natural Phenomenon
3. Deep Inside
4. Limbs
5. Tell Me
6. I Want You So
7. Say You Will
8. I Guess I'll Just Move On
9. Blues For Ronnie
10. Dream Come True
11. Sting
12. Corbitt Van Brauer
13. Heavy Resin
14. Fun In Tokyo
15. Studio Jam

Producer: David Garfield

David Garfield: Keyboards (1st incarnation<'75> - current)
Carlos Vega: Drums (1st incarnation<'75> - 3rd incarnation<'78>, 7th incarnation<'82> - 12th incarnation<'88>)
Ralf Rickert: Trumpet (1st incarnation<'75>)
Domenic Genova: ? (1st incarnation<'75>)
Richard Tokatz: ? (1st incarnation<'75>)
Larry Klimas: Sax (2nd incarnation<'78> - 5th incarnation<'80>, 9th incarnation<'83> - 13th incarnation<'99>)
Jim Henken: Guitars (2nd incarnation<'78>)
Pat Murphy: Percussion (2nd incarnation<'78>)
Michael Landau: Guitars (3rd incarnation<'78> - 6th incarnation<'81>, 10th incarnation<'86>, 12th incarnation<'88>, 13th incarnation<'99> - current)
Dean Cortez: Bass (3rd incarnation<'78> - 4th incarnation<'79>, 7th incarnation<'82> - 9th incarnation<'83>)
Lenny Castro: Percussion (3rd incarnation<'78> - 4th incarnation<'79>, 7th incarnation<'82> - 13th incarnation<'99>)
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums (4th incarnation<'79> - 6th incarnation<'81>, current)
John Pierce: Bass (5th incarnation<'80>)
Steve Tavaglione: Sax (6th incarnation<'81> - 8th incarnation<'83>, 12th incarnation<'88>)
Eric Wallengren: Bass (6th incarnation<'81>)
James Felix: Lead Vocals (7th incarnation<'82> - 8th incarnation<'83>)
Kevin Dukes: Guitars (7th incarnation<'82>)
Dean Parks: Guitars (8th incarnation<'83> - 9th incarnation<'83>)
Jimmy Johnson: Bass (10th incarnation<'86>)
Mike Miller: Guitars (11th incarnation<'87>)
Nathan East: Bass (11th incarnation<'87>)
Toss Panos: Drums (13th incarnation<'99>)
Neil Stubenhaus: Bass (current)

- Musicians -
Dennis Herring: Guitars (7th incarnation<'82>)
Tom Scott: Sax (8th incarnation<'83>)
Ernie Watts: Sax (8th incarnation<'83> - 9th incarnation<'83>)
David Paich: Keyboards (8th incarnation<'83>)
Neil Larsen: Organ (8th incarnation<'83>)
Steve Lukather: Guitars (8th incarnation<'83>)
Jeff Porcaro: Drums (8th incarnation<'83>)