Dick St. Nicklaus / Sweet And Dandy


It was 1979 that Dick St. Nicklaus's first album "Magic" was a kind of boom in Osaka, the second largest city of Japan located in western part of Japan, near Kyoto. Osaka has a diffent atmosphere and their own cluture and in those days thet were keen to find out some unfamiliar artists by themselves. One was Dick St. Nicklaus. Sony Music Osaka branch A&R decided to release "Magic" limited in Kansai (western part of Japan surrounding Osaka) and this trial was succeded. The album sold well and thus "Magic" was released all over Japan. Dick St. Nicklaus got a deal for his 2nd album "Sweet And Dandy" with Sony Music Japan. This album is opened by the catchy tune "Bye Bye Baby" clearly inspired by the keyboard rhythm pattern used by Doobie Borthers on their smash hit "What A Fool Believes". The beautiful ballads tune "Love, Love, Love" was covered by Bill Medley on his 1981 album "Liberty" later.

Label: Epic Sony, Japan (25 3P-245)
Release: 21 November, 1980
First Reissued CD Release: 19 December, 2001 (Epic Records International, Inc. Japan, EICP 7017)

1. Bye Bye Baby
2. Can't Say Love
3. Love, Love, Love
4. Lies
5. You Better Run
6. Osaka Moon
7. You're Living A Lie
8. Stuck In The Mud, Again
9. I'm Tired

Producers: Velton Ray Bunch and himself
Dick St. Nicklaus: Vocals, Drums, Keyboards

- Musicians -
Drums: Steve Schaeffer
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Guitars: Steve Lukather
Synthesizer: Ian Underwood
Background Vocals: Billy Thomas, Alex Cash
Horns: Charles Findley, Steve Madaio, Peter Christner, William Reichenbach, Terry Harrington
Sax: Jim Horn