Bill Hughes / Dream Master


Bill Hughes was another artists besides Dick St. Nicklaus, who were strongly supported by Sony Music Japan Osaka Branch in the autumn of 1979. Bill Hughes started his professional music career as a member of the soft rock band "Lazarus" in early 70's under Bearsville Records. In 1977, Hughes got a deal as a solo artist with CBS Records Canada. Thus "Dream Master" had been created. As you can see the below, great Westcoast studio musicians were involved. Hughes performed soft and mellow tunes all through this album. We had to wait for his next album until 1991. It was "Welcome To The Edge", which was released under the name of Billie Hughes and as you may know Hughes changed not only his first name but also music style....

Release: 1979
Label: Epic Records, USA (JE35521)
First Reissued CD Release: 19 December, 2001 (Epic Records International, Inc. Japan, EICP 7018)

1. Stealin' My Heart Away
2. Dreams Come True
3. Waiting For You To Fly
4. Only Love
5. Lower Lights
6. Gypsy Lady
7. Quiet Moment
8. Catch Me Smilin'
9. Only Your Heart Can Say
10. Dream Master

Producer: Henry Lewy
Bill Hughes: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

- Musicians -
Drums: Russ Kunkel, Jeff Porcaro, John Dell, Rick Shlosser, Kat Hendrike
Bass: Wilton Felder, Allen Soberman, Joel Wade, Mike Porcaro
Guitars: Will McFarland, Jay Graydon, Mitch Holder, Tony Peluso, Oscar Castro-Neves, Terry Frewer, Brett Wade
Keyboards:Mike Melvoin, Randy Kumano, Gary Lyons, Lincoln Mayorga, Ian Underwood, Dale Jacobs, Doug Louie
Harpsichord & Vibes: Victor Feldman
Percussion: Gary Lyons, Steve Foreman, Victor Feldman, Jose Feliciano
Sax: Earnie Watts, Ray Pizzi
Background Vocals: Renee Armand, Laura Creamer, Clark Burroughs, Collen Peterson, Brett Wade, Joanie Taylor, Terry Frewer, Ventta Fields, Sherlie Mathews, Paulette Brown, Jose Feliciano, Ian Freebairn-Smith