The shelved original King of Hearts 1989 record was released to the public after 10 years (5 years later from their first album release) by the effort of Toshi Nakada, Cool Sound, Japan.
From this, 4 songs: “Working Man”, “Don’t Call My Name”, “Lovin’ Arms” and “King Of Hearts” were re-recorded for their official 1994 1st album. “Remember When” were on their 2nd album (“Joy Will Come” in Japan and “Midnight Crossing” in Germany). “In So Many Words”, “Hold On To Love” and “Was It Good 4 U” (renamed as “Was It Good For You”) were included on the album “Midnight Crossing”. It means that we could listen to 2 tracks; “Smack Dab” and “Under The Gun” very first time on this shelved album.

FYI, the album was reissued by Avenue Of Allies, Geramany (11090029) on 29 April, 2011 in Europe.

Release Date: May 25, 1999
Label: COOL SOUND, Japan (COOL-029)

1. Working Man
2. In So Many Words
3. Don't Call My Name
4. Smack Dab
5. Remember When
6. Hold On To Love
7. Under The Gun
8. Lovin' Arms
9. Was It Good 4 U
10. Everyday
11. King Of Hearts

Producer: David Cole
Co-producer: Bruce Gaitsch
King Of Hearts:
Tommy Funderburk: Vocals
Kelly Keagy: Vocals and Drums
George Hawkins: Vocals and Bass
Brue Gaitsch: Guitars

- Musicians -
Keyboards: CJ Vanston, Bill Champlin
Background Vocals: Timothy Schmit, Randy Meisner