Brothertime / Just The Begining


When I listened to Brother Time’s album first time, it reminded me of the high-tensioned energy and aggressive sounds like those when I listened to Toto’s sensational debut album in late 70’s.
There were not detailed information of this excellent project suddenly appeared and disappeared very soon releasing an album in 1995, then.
Judging from the fact that all songs except tracks 11 & 12, were composed by Trevor Gordon and Jojo Alves and lyrics were by Brook Walsh, the project must have been started by those rather than Michael Sembello who co-wrote track 12 with three guys, that’s my personal guess. Particularly the track 11 “Reach For The Dream” must be added because of commercial reasons, I believe. As a matter of fact, track 11 was written and recorded later by Michael Sembello and Michell Hart (credited as Executive Producer) with a Japanese guy for the opening ceremony of Japanese football league all-star match of the year.

Jojo Alves born in Portugal and raised in South Africa moved to Los Angeles and started the Brother Time with Trevor Gordon and released this album. It seemed that Jojo joined the band The Fleshdevils in mid 90’s after this project and recorded an album in UK with drummer Charlie Morgan (the drummer for Elton John).

Release: 20 October, 1995
Label : Canyon International, Japan (PCCY-00854)

1. Brother Time
2. Gallileo
3. Something For Nothing
4. White Lies
5. In Candy's Bedroom
6. Anaconda
7. Man-Child Superman
8. Just The Beginning
9. Moonrise Moonset
10. 103 X 2
11. Reach For The Dream
12. The Color Of Passion

Producers : Trever Gordon and Jojo Alves (Except "Reach For The Dreams" produced by Toyohiko Kanehashi)

Executive Producer: Michelle Hart

Trevor Gordon: Keyboards, Bass
Jojo Alves: Drums, Percussion, Guitars, Bass, Trumpet
Johan Lass: Piano, Organ
Penn Jones: Lead Vocals
Brock Walsh: Lead Vocals
Michael Sembello:Lead Vocals on "Reach For The Dream" and Vocals

- Musicians -
Guitar: Kazuya Takayama
Trumpet: John Pappenbrookm Ralf Rickert
Sax: Dave Boruff, Larry Klimas, Yoji Haruta
Trombone: Arturo Velasco
Background Vocals: Lauren De Groen, Carla Rigolin, Jon Lind, Greg Prestopino, Cruz Sembello, Kali, Jeff Paris, Ellis Hall, Tony Galla