The Majesty of the Blues / Wynton Marsalis


Track listing
1.The Majesty of the Blues (The Puheeman Strut)
2.Hickory Dickory Dock
3.The Death of Jazz
4.Premature Autopsies (Sermon)
5.Oh, but on the Third Day (Happy Feet Blues)

The Wynton Marsalis Sextet
Wynton Marsalis – trumpet
Marcus Roberts – piano
Todd Williams – tenor and soprano saxophones
Wessell Anderson – alto saxophone
Reginald Veal – double bass
The New Orleans Function
Composed of the Wynton Marsalis Sextet and the following:
Teddy Riley – first trumpet
Wynton Marsalis – second trumpet and plunger mute
Freddie Lonzo – trombone
Michael White – clarinet
Danny Barker – banjo
Herlin Riley – drums

Recording Year:1989