Muscle Bound 2020 Muscle Mania Matte Black


Eye-blurring acceleration and eye-popping styling come together in this salute to the American muscle car era. The twin 4-barrel V8 engine in this car is so huge, a giant power bulge had to be built into the hood to contain it!

Collection: Muscle Mania
"M" and grey & white chevrons on sides, red stripe & red hood scoop

All that power could go to this casting's head gasket! Be sure to respect it, but be sure you can tame it as well. This car has no fear, and it can sense the fear of other cars and their drivers. It can even sense fear in its own driver, and will forcibly eject a driver who can't handle its power! Well, maybe we're exaggerating about that last part.

Availability: Mix P, Beginning October

New Releases: 10/9/20