Back to the Future Time Machine 2022 HW Screen Time



The DeLorean Time Machine is the focal vehicle in the Back to the Future movie series; the vehicle was made through the retrofitting of a DeLorean DMC-12 with a flux capacitor. Three were built by Universal Studios for the film, named the A, B and C cars; those acted as the "Hero" car, the Stunt car and the Interior Close-Up car respectively. Additional replicas were made for future films.

The casting was retooled for 2022, with the rear taillamp section being made part of the interior, some portions of the rear being made part of the base, some parts of the vents and the reactor being made part of the body and the reactor getting additional detail. Any form of base texturing was also removed.

HW Screen Time
Black grille & DMC logo on front, Black & red side trim, detailed taillights & Orange barcode license plate


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